About Us

Hi everyone,

My name is Deanne and I'm the owner of The Hidden Nest UK. We're a small family business based in Leicestershire.

I've really wanted to venture on this journey for some time now but just never had the confidence to start it up. Well, I now feel is the right time for me to take the leap!

I believe in creating your own perfect cosy home and this is where The Hidden Nest UK can help. We're a place to find something beautiful for your home to add those special touches, which will turn your house into your perfect cosy home where you feel happy, relaxed, loving and safe.

Our style is a mixture of elegance, modern, shabby chic, and rustic. Each and every item that we offer has been handpicked by myself. I want to ensure that all our products finds a forever home in yours. 

As a small business, our customers will always be the most important thing to us. We will do our very best to make sure you are happy from the beginning of your shopping experience to the end. You can always drop us an email if you require any assistance and we'll be more than happy to help.

As we are a brand-new business you can appreciate that we all have to start somewhere and currently we do not have a huge amount of stock but as we develop and grow we'll be introducing more products and stock for everyone to enjoy.

I really do dope you like what we have to offer.

Deanne x